Colin 'No, I'll make you a sandwich maam' McCombs & Kid Katrillion
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Welcome to Freedom town!


FBKWhat is a radio show hosted by Colin McCombs and Kid Katrillion.
 The folie a deux inspires a seismic event in the ears of radio listeners and social observers every week. A long time friendship started in the halls of NYC college radio parties Colin and Ed are came up against the norm to level the playing field in the over saturated media with something that is not identifiable or synonymous with "Mainstream". Yes, every week we use big and impenitent words, but for most of it we are chomping at politicians, buildings, celebrities and the big timers holding this great place back."

Some of the characters you'll hear on the show

Wolfman Jones & The Carharrtt Kid
Jersey City Dracula:
Parking ticket advocate

Sikh Jobs: Computer advice
Jerry Sineses: Gets your SIX
Luigi Friendzonies Pizza Fascist
Indiana Hemingway
Johnny Cyclone & Harry Buckets

Richard Stevens: Eurotrash travel tips
Dating Expert Johnny
Spiritual Yogi Jewsomonoma

FBK TROLLSYSTEM (World Class Band)

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